At Vantage Law, we are Passionate About Helping Clients achieve their Goals


Our background provides broad experience to deal with most of your legal requirements with the large law firm experience to back it up


We focus on using suitable technology to increase the service outcome such as online appointment booking to a paperless office environment


We are always happy to hear from our clients and to explain the legal process so our clients stay empowered to consider all the issues



We can assist you on all aspects of corporate and commercial matters. We can advise on Director duties, Shareholder agreements, corporate or non-corporate structures, review and drafting of legal documents, and mergers and demergers.

With years of knowledge and experience in this area, we have you covered from helping you with incorporation of a new company to voluntarily deregistering the company or sale and everything inbetween.

Corporate Documents

Corporate Advisory & Governance

Director Duties & Compliance

Corporate Meetings

Shareholder Agreements

Incorporation Services

Senior business man during a training with his colleagues

Need advice on your new or existing business? Common business structures in Australia are sole trader, partnerships and companies. Expanding your business may need you to rethink your current structure.

The key consideration to any business structure is minimisation of personal risk, assets and tax in the most cost efficient manner.

We can assist you with:

  • setting up or restructuring your business
  • incorporating new companies and trusts
  • preparing specialised corporate constitutions and shareholder agreements
  • everyday business issues

Unit Trusts


Licencing Agreements

Business Sales and Purchases

Contract Disputes

New Business Ventures


Dispute resolution is one of our core strengths and beliefs resulting from our alternative dispute resolution (ADR) training. We actively promote ADR where practicable. We believe that applying alternative ways when dealing with all areas of practice assists with a outcome focus best suited to the client. We believe this is what sets us apart from more traditional law firms. We can provide advice and assistance on a broad range of legal areas where clients are required to participate in mediation services.

Caucasian middle-aged businessman wearing boxing gloves

Where litigation is unavoidable, we can assist you through the litigation mine field. We are mindful of the costs involved in litigation and where possible, we try to minimise costs without compromising the interests of our client. During a litigation matter, we are watchful to identify the opportunity of alternative strategies in an effort to avoid protracted litigation.

Civil Litigation

Debt Recovery

Workplace Disputes

Breach of Contract

Tribunal Matters

Complex Commercial and Business Litigation

Intellectual property diagram

The intellectual property of a business is often placed on the back burner when in fact it is one of the most valuable asset of your business which requires registration and protection.

We can help your with domain registration, word and image trademark protection, business and company name reservations.


Business name registration

Cease & Desist letters

Company name reservations

IP enforcement

Licensing agreements

Happy family in a new home concept - sitting with cardboard boxes

Whether you are a first time home buyer or experienced investor, conveyancing can be a complex process with strict adherence to contract terms.

We will work with you to keep you informed of the progress while explaining the process for better understanding.

At Vantage Law, we will always return your call promptly if we can’t speak to you the first time you call. We can also offer to review the sale contract before you sign to avoid being stuck with a special condition that wasn’t fully explained to you.


Off the Plans

Precontract Review & Drafting


Related Party Transfers

Stamp Duty Liability


Entering a commercial lease is a significant legal event for both landlord and tenant. The cost involved in obtaining legal advice before committing to a lease could save you a significant amount of financial distress down the road.

Commercial leases should be reviewed to ensure they suit the business, the premises and the parties expectations. Taking a ‘one size fit all’ approach using a ‘cut and paste lease’ increases the risk of dispute. We can assist in advising, reviewing and preparing leases suited to your needs.

Preparation of lease for Lessor

Lease Disputes

Retail Shop Leases

Review of lease for Lessee

Registration Services


Beautiful family portrait spending time together at home

Ensuring your affairs are in order and up to date reduces the costs and stress of your executors and family in dealing with your estate after you are gone.

We can help you with preparing a simple Will to more complex Wills involving business and corporate assets as well as setting up testamentary trusts. Your Will should reflect your personal situation and assets while complying with legal requirements. Personal legal instruments such as Wills require personal service.

We also assist executors in administrating an estate in meeting their legal obligations as well as probate applications to the Court.

Will Drafting

Family Trusts

Power of Attorney

Probate Applications

Assistance to Executors

Testamentary Trusts


Looking for assistance with something else? We have experience in a broad range of legal matters including representing you in court from minor matters such as driving offences to complex commercial litigation.

Contact us today to discuss your matter with a experienced lawyer.

Driving Offences

Asset Structuring

Employment Law

Consumer Law

Document Review

Tort Law

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You can book your next in office, telephone or out of office appointment with us using our online booking calendar. Not only will you be able to see available time slots, you will now have a convenient method to manage your appointments with us with the ability to sync with your google calendar. 

Why Us


Are you paying more to get the big city experience or mediocre results? Large law firms certainly look the part, but have you ever wondered whether the results they produce are greater than the results we can achieve and without the large firm price?

Meeting Demand

Vantage Law has access to a number of back end consultants to ensure that the right advice and expertise is provided to clients. By using consultants, we reduce overheads which results in quality advice at fair prices.

Flexible Pricing

Clients come in different shapes and sizes, which is why Vantage Law provides flexible costs options such as timed and fixed fee pricing where appropriate. Imagine now being able to confidently instruct a law firm knowing the cost for the result achieved.


Time is an important commodity in today’s world. We won’t waste your time telling you the person you want to speak to is always on the phone or in a meeting. When genuinely unavailable, we will get back to you before you need follow up.

Client Focus

Meeting the needs of our clients has always been important to us. We believe this fundamentally starts with being accessible for when you need us. We believe developing meaningful relationships with our client is more important than processing your work. Vantage Law commenced practice with a client base who valued the relationship and service we provided. Our relationships are based on:








We believe client satisfaction is the key to good business. We strive to provide personalised services welcoming you to contact us with any queries or issues.


We take a practicable approach with the legal services we provide and won’t suggest or undertake any work which we don’t think will be the right result for you.


We pride ourselves in providing the best quality of work required by a client. While quality doesn’t equal cheap, we are competitive with our pricing.

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