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Don’t deal with non legal professionals (“conveyancers/paralegals”) when you can deal directly with an experienced senior lawyer at Vantage Law.


Whether you are a first time home buyer or experienced investor, conveyancing can be a complex process with strict adherence to time frames and contract terms.

We will work with you to keep you informed of the progress while explaining the process for better understanding.

At Vantage Law, we will always return your call promptly if we can’t speak to you the first time you call. We can also offer to review the sale contract before you sign to avoid being stuck with a special condition that wasn’t fully explained to you.

  • Buying

  • Selling

  • Pre-contract Review & Drafting

  • Off the Plan purchase

  • Related Party Transfers

  • Stamp Duty Liability

Successful conveyancing

Conveyancing Staff

Most people aren’t aware that conveyancing staff in Queensland are not required to have any formal qualifications or training. They effectively learn on the job from other non-professional staff. Do you really want to risk a transaction worth hundred’s of thousands of dollars to an unqualified person?

At Vantage Law, you will be dealing directly with a senior lawyer experienced in conveyancing.


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      We have a broad background of experience to help you with your legal matters. Below are just some of the areas of law we are regularly involved in.


      Whether you are a first time home buyer or experienced investor, conveyancing can be a complex and time consuming process with strict adherence to contract terms and timeframes.

      Wills and Estates

      Ensuring your affairs are in order and up to date reduces the costs and stress of your executors and family in dealing with your estate after you are gone.

      Family Law

      If you are concerned about what to do in your situation, get in contact with us and let us help you with your questions.


      When litigation is unavoidable, we can assist you through the litigation mine field.


      Entering a commercial lease is a significant legal event for both landlord and tenant. The cost involved in obtaining legal advice before committing to a lease could save you a significant amount of financial distress down the road.

      Dispute Resolution

      Alternative Dispute Resolution is an integral part of the modern legal process. We have extensive ADR training and experience to assist and guide you through a mediation.

      Business Law

      Need advice on your new or existing business? Common business structures in Australia are sole trader, partnerships and companies. Expanding your business may need you to rethink your current structure.

      Commercial Law

      We can assist you on all aspects of corporate and commercial matters. We can advise on Director duties, Shareholder agreements, corporate or non-corporate structures, review and drafting of legal documents, and mergers and demergers.

      General Law

      We have extensive general practice experience to assist you in most of your legal matters.


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      07 5422 9310


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